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EIA: Coal’s market share to fall to 26% of U.S. generation in 2019

first_imgEIA: Coal’s market share to fall to 26% of U.S. generation in 2019 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects electricity production in the U.S. will increase from an average of 11.05 million MWh/d in 2017 to 11.47 million MWh/d in 2018, before falling 2.1% in 2019 to 11.23 million MWh/d. That production forecast drop is steeper than the 1.7% decline forecast for 2019 in the October report.The federal agency, in its latest “Short-Term Energy Outlook” released Nov. 6, said natural gas-fired generation is expected to increase its share of the country’s utility-scale electricity mix from 32% in 2017 to 35% in 2018 and then to 36% in 2019. Coal-fired generation is expected to average 28% in 2018 and 26% in 2019, down from 30% in 2017. Nuclear power’s share will average about 19% in 2018 and in 2019, down from 20% in 2017.The EIA expects wind, solar and other non-hydropower renewables to provide more than 10% of the generation mix in 2018 and nearly 11% in 2019, in comparison to slightly less than 10% in 2017.“Solar electricity generation remains the fastest-growing renewable energy source,” EIA Administrator Linda Capuano said in an accompanying statement. “The data suggest that the solar industry is increasing its use of solar [photovoltaic] tracking systems because revenues from the tracking systems more than offset their increased costs, when compared to fixed-tilt panels.”Hydropower’s generation share in 2017 was 7%, and the EIA forecasts that the figure will remain about the same through 2019.More ($): EIA forecasts US generation to fall 2.1% in 2019last_img

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