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Aduriz against Soldier, two good friends for a Cup final

first_imgTo cover two such notable absences, Manuel Llorente and Braulio Vázquez signed to Roberto Soldado and Aritz Aduriz, for fourteen million euros (ten for the Valencian and four for the San Sebastian). Emery He accepted the challenge of having a legendary duo forgotten. They joined a Juan kill which began to be the reference in the core. The case is that the Soldier-Aduriz society was set at a level of notoriety similar to that of Villa-Silva. In 2010, in one of those years of tsunami continued in Valencia and in full inheritance of Juan Soler, the two franchise players of the entity che had to pack. Shortly before David Villa and David Silva became world champions with Spain, they proceeded to sell both to Barcelona the first for 40 million euros and at Manchester City the canary, for 33. Good money to float a not very long time. From that coexistence, both forged a friendship that lasts until today. In fact, in 2016, when Soldier was in the Villarreal at full capacity scorer, he defended the call of an Aritz in his second youth with The Red for the European Euro Cup The Valencian battering ram was questioned for a possible citation by Forest, and far from pulling phrases, it was blunt: “Talking that I can go to the National Team is a lack of respect for what Aduriz is doing.”His path separated in 2012. Aritz returned to his beloved Athletic, where he is already a legend, and Roberto tried the Premier, in the Tottenham, where he barely had prominence, so two years later he completed the return operation, in the Yellow Submarine. Then he tried another experience outside, in the Fenerbahçe Turkish, before another return, with the Pomegranate.Neither of them will start tonight, but they could jump in the end in search of the epic. Soldier may record the farewell of Aduriz to the Cup in San Mamés, the sanctuary of his greatest deeds. Aritz blew 39 candles yesterday, his last birthday as a lion. “I’ve been fantasizing about a title for a long time. At the beginning it was a fantasy and I might be closer now. Imagine leaving football this season and winning a title. It’s anyone’s dream. Taking out the barge would be magical,” he said. Monday at a gala Panenka magazine, while throwing him very seriously that it is time for a revolution: “We are tired of seeing the Barça and at Madrid win everything. “last_img

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