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Salinas: “The signing of Braithwaite seems like a disaster”

first_imgThe exblaugrana also referred to the controversial case of the company that FC Barcelona would have hired to damage the image of players through social networks. “I do not understand the management they have done. We are talking about a company like Barcelona, ​​which invoices one billion euros, they are not companies that ultimately belong to the partners. If I have 300 million followers on social networks, why I have to pay a company that nobody knows and has four followers to make me a management of what? I don’t understand that management “he pointed out. “If I have 300 million followers and also an executive group within the club, a multinational in which I manage social networks and everything that is the digital issue, with experts in that subject, why do I have to hire?”, sentenced Salinas, who gives “the feeling” that he is “giving away the money” and who doubts who that company is. “They seem out of place and very rare,” he said. Julio Salinas participated next Friday with former handball player Eli Pinedo, former volleyball player Rafa Pascual and former water polo player Pedro García Aguado in the presentation of the challenge ‘My First Marathon’ of Banco Santander, which will take the four to run this Sunday on Marathon of Seville. The former FC Barcelona player Julio Salinas was very critical of the signing by the Catalan club Martin Braithwaite and thought he thought “a disaster and out of place”, especially because he can’t play in the Champions League and because he could have looked more at the subsidiary. “The Braithwaite thing is a disaster, a very bad choice. First because he cannot play the ‘Champions’, with which I see it absurd to pay 18 million, a price almost ‘crack’, because in the end there are 18 million plus a signing of four and a half years to the player, “said Julio Salinas in an act in Seville at Santander Bank. The Basque also believes that the signing of the Danish removes “the possibility of next year a good signing” as could be Lautaro Martínez and Neymar “or both”. “You have let Abel Ruiz or Carlos Pérez escape, and many players for less price, in the end why do you want a subsidiary. For a player who is going to play 13 League games, because the Classic will surely not play it, it seems to me out of place, “he warned.last_img

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