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Utrecht outraged: “We will challenge that decision”

first_img“We will hire all attorneys to challenge this decision. That Cup final must be played beyond September 1“, stated the owner of Utrecht, Frans van SeumerenStatements that follow the path shown by the club, after the decision on Friday, to take legal action against the Dutch soccer body.Lawyer Christian Visser, in statements collected by From Telegraaf, sees possibilities in case Utrecht decide to sue the KNVB. “Especially with the Cup final you have a chance “. The KNVB has also chosen that leaderboard to spread the money out of TV.Economic alarm: 400 million lossesEric Gudde, KNVB director of professional football, has published the damage that the coronavirus pandemic can cause in Dutch football. KNVB talks about a loss of income that can be around 400 million euros. This call for help has been through a letter addressed to Ministry of sports, the Ministry of Justice and Security and the mayors of the different cities. In addition, to the House of Representatives. “We are sounding the alarm about the consequences for our sector. We ask that you work with us to find creative, real and available solutions for professional soccer. All aid and cooperation with the government are therefore necessary to guarantee the survival of the sector.“Gudde adds.“We have to be careful not to isolate Dutch professional football in Europe. This would seriously damage the athletic position of the Dutch clubs for a longer period.“concludes the highest representative of Dutch football. The decision of the KNVB to end the Eredivisie prematurely and without granting promotions and descents It continues to provoke a multitude of reactions in the Netherlands. Apart from the Dutch second division clubs involved SC Cambuur and From Graafschap, that they will no longer go up, and that they are costernized. There are more critical voices. The fans of SC Cambuur and From Graafschap they have mobilized to try to reverse the decision and They have created a page to collect signatures. They have already had 15,000 people sign.But there is another club, which feels disadvantaged: Utrecht. KNVB rhe divided the European squares following the current classification, as recommended by UEFA in his meeting with the federations. Ajax and AZ would go to the Champions League, While, Feyenoord will have his place in the group stage of the Europa League, just like PSV and Willem II, that they would play the preliminary round. The problem comes because Utrecht, sixth in the table, and with a worse games / points ratio than Willem II, runs out of space in Europe. And there your frustration as the Cup final, which gives a place to join the Europa League, has also been permanently suspended. Utrecht was one of the finalists along with Feyenoord, which already has a European place for being third.last_img

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