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Francescoli: “Borré’s clause with Atlético is a danger”

first_imgHe did not succeed with CholoA Borré whose last name circles around European football with more and more insistence, but his persistence in River was praised by Francescoli in Olé: “I already praised Rafa’s behavior in the summer market, when Celta wanted it and negotiated with Atlético. He wanted to stay in the club, that was fantastic and today he is receiving what he was looking for: staying at the River and succeeding. “The Crystal Palace of the Premier League is looking for him and the striker, who four years ago came to Atlético but left without succeeding or even convincing Cholo Simeone in the training, it is more done to, now, assault Europe, in Argentina it has already done so. In River Plate Santos Borré worries. So at least Enzo Francescoli, sports director, confessed to Olé in an interview in which he referred to the clause of the striker on loan from Atlético de Madrid. He considers it “a danger”. And it is that Atlético could buy 50% of the player’s file, which today belongs to River, for only seven million. And there is the danger. “It always is. As it was a danger to have an exit clause with Alario where there were clubs that, if a player like this really interests them, they can pay it. In fact, with Lucas the Leverkusen did it at a rather crucial moment because the championship had already startedhe wielded.“It is part of soccer and the economy that we have in Argentina, where we are distant from other economies and where the club could not have enough pocket to buy the other part of Rafa (Borré) either. So it’s something we know from the beginning, “added Francescoli.last_img

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