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Kirk Herbstreit Reportedly Admitted He’s Bothered By Hate From This Fan Base

first_imgKirk Herbstreit speaks on ESPN about college football.ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit is used to seeing his Twitter mentions full of criticism from various fan bases, but this season, it’s been more than usual – and a lot of it is coming from one group.Herbstreit pushed back on the hype surrounding UCF during a College GameDay broadcast earlier this season, saying other Group of 5 teams deserved more credit.“This argument needs to stop being just about UCF,” he said. “I’m a big believer that if you play people — like Boise State used to do — you should be rewarded for that. Why are we focusing on just UCF when it comes to the Power 5? Because I think there are other teams out there that are as deserving or more deserving.“You need to play somebody in order to be rewarded. UCF, you need to not just be worried about being undefeated and trying to get in the top four, you need to look behind you at teams like Utah State, Appalachian State, Fresno State. These teams, on paper — which is what you want to look at a lot of times — are better than UCF and more deserving than UCF.”Hebrstreit has since faced serious pushback from UCF fans and the school’s athletic director even made a public statement.UCF fans aren’t letting up, either. The Knights continue to flood Herbstreit’s Twitter mentions and there was a not-so-flattering sign in the background of this week’s College GameDay (that ESPN made the fans take down).Herbstreit is reportedly bothered by all of the hate.“Interesting nugget by Marc Daniels on The Bridge…Herbstreit openly talks about the Twitter barrage in ESPN production meetings, says it’s bothering him,” tweeted Matt Serio.A quick look at the replies to that tweet, though, shows that UCF fans aren’t going to stop anytime soon.last_img

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