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Expert panel at UN on womens rights finds mixed progress chairperson

“We welcome the fact that in almost all countries, there are new laws and legal reforms and efforts to strengthen those national machineries for women,” Feride Acar told a press briefing. “There is a significant improvement in efforts to implement the Convention, both de facto and de jure, in all States parties that we examined.”The Committee, which monitors implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, is examining reports from Belarus, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Germany, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and Nigeria during the current session, which ends on Friday.”We also once again noted that one of the major difficulties with women’s human rights right now on the basis of these reports is that there continues to be the persistence of stereotypes,” Ms. Acar continued. Entrenched stereotypes may manifest in different ways, “but nonetheless there is a commonality in being disadvantageous for women and discriminatory towards women.”She hailed evidence of “significant efforts” to incorporate the Convention’s principles into the national domestic laws, and noted that a number of national courts have recently made explicit reference to the Convention when ruling on discrimination cases.”More and more, States are adopting laws against violence against women, including domestic violence,” she said, while cautioning that much needs to be done “at the stage of implementation.”

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