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Month: September 2017

The Shanghai dragon pattern first and then build the steady development of the new weight flow layou

refers to the network marketing, many people will immediately think site, followed by Shanghai dragon. This shows the status of the website in Internet marketing, also shows an Shanghai dragon in network marketing. In network marketing, promotion and promotion of free charge does not exist advantages and disadvantages, has its advantages and disadvantages, and free promotion is not without cost, regardless of what kind of promotion way is to get traffic, contribute to the ultimate profit. Most of the sites will profit to define the procedure as the basis for the establishment of the website: then the implementation of the Shanghai dragon, the keywords in the search engine rankings to get traffic, the third step is to negotiate with customers, achieve the purpose of marketing, the structure of flow: read more

You also please the webmaster forum is a piece of pure land

used to optimize work to strengthen my lottery website, I build a forum, hope to use lottery related forums to promote their Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/, but also for their own website brand, use well reputation. But I was fantastic, the forum was built in less than a month, I will give up, have no confidence, not many forum members, posting machine groups. How to prevent post machine is the webmaster often talk about. The webmaster also afraid to post such machine is too strict blow, the website does not flow, that this forum is a shell. read more

Know why Shanghai dragon blog will be unpopular it

some Shanghai dragon blog updated daily, this looks very good, because it is difficult to write a blog every day, but is written by some of the running account, such as today, ranking number rose today, the chain increased much, today for a few Links, because every update can please search spider, in order to improve the snapshot the update, but the content is very poor quality, let a person do not bear to look at.

because I also do Shanghai dragon, the blog also wrote Shanghai dragon, I naturally do not exclude Shanghai Longfeng class blog, I will be more of this kind of blog, for the reason you know. Also sometimes and readers who disliked the Shanghai dragon blog like this kind of reflection, because many of them are in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. The following order to common causes of several Shanghai Longfeng blog will be unpopular. read more

How to check the system of cosmetic website home page by reason of K

, of course, is not just so simple, in fact, deep-seated problems maybe when I haven’t realized that in space before, our website administrator had changed a few times title and keywords website also re defined. The problem should appear in the steps, that we have always stressed.

I have doubted is the site of the space is a problem, the main site is changed before the new space, the original space is an Internet company, then the company privately to help cosmetic website for a new space, it is also the change of the space, the main cause of the web site keywords decline even the front page of the site was the result of K. In addition, the space itself is before or are problems. read more

How to optimize the e commerce website in order to increase the page

, for a certain vertical


we often encounter this situation, regardless of how to increase the content of a website, love Shanghai included the number that do not, even decline, this situation may be due to the low weight website, due to the low weight of the search engines crawl the lower frequency, plus the content similarity is higher, search engine a number of new data index after control of old data, found that the repeatability is relatively high, it will be considered that repeated data to delete, experiments show that the site the higher the weight, the proportion of repeat delete will be smaller, the solution is to improve the quality and quantity of the chain, there is no simple method. Three, the structure of chaos website read more

How to capture the benefits of long tail keywords

so how can be better to choose to make a profit on the long tail keywords? I believe that from the three aspects, the first to use love Shanghai love Shanghai index index, data evaluation of a variety of keywords, long tail keywords general index at around 100 with high attraction, which indicates that the long tail keywords have a certain popularity, on the other hand also highlights the long tail keywords competition degree is not so high, so suitable grassroots webmaster to optimize, because the competition degree is not high, so better able to enhance such a long tail word ranking. read more

How to let outsiders pay our wages in Shanghai Dragon

and most engaged in the search engine industry, the working people, we pay for the customers, no customer no payment of our income, while the majority of these customers are business owners, is outside the Shanghai dragon industry, they do not know how to search engine marketing, social media, Web links the construction and so on, even they will be Shanghai dragon souls and their profits completely confused, working under such environment, is likely to be the optimal relation between workers and customers is very bad. read more

Site construction and optimization with concentric circle are more likely to succeed in winning

website optimization cannot do without the link, because there is no link to the site is an isolated island, unable to find search engine crawling search. Starting from the perspective of a search engine, the main purpose of the two links, one is to provide a path search spider crawling website, a website either inside or outside the chain chain, whether or URL links anchor text keywords, the more easy to search engine crawling search; two link similar elections, tell the search.

two, outside the chain construction adhere to the concentric circle of read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization you have to attach great importance to the details of the five

is our focus of optimization, how to put related keywords ranking do more in front of Shanghai Longfeng continuously optimize the pursuit of goals, and in this respect we need layout and Optimization in the whole range of the website according to the key priorities, such as the main highlight keywords and description to the main title keywords and popular keywords, programs and content from popular keywords to long tail keywords.

which relates to the structure of the site itself, only the use of mature, simple and optimal design program to better adapt to the characteristics of the spider crawling, can better understand the structure and content distribution site, this is our Shanghai dragon before optimization must be considered, so that the design is simple and excellent the program is a necessary prerequisite for us to optimize the. read more

Teach you how to diagnose your website catalog


here on a directory navigation points need to be with you again, before seen a lot of enterprise website, there are a lot of the navigation or picture format into Flash format, the reason for this is because most want the website looks more beautiful, but this kind of impact on the site is quite large, because the search engine is not able to identify flash, and for the image search engine is also need to rely on the ALT label to identify, so if we make the directory navigation flash or images so it is a blank in the search engine, is not very friendly to search engines, so at the beginning of the site for the directory navigation and we will pay attention to this point, we have to do with the anchor text navigation directory. read more

The construction of the chain to find another way to bookmark will be remembered fanchon


bookmark will be forgotten, attributed to the webmaster feel bookmarks site is that several search engines return results, more and more clearly, even if there are a few outside the chain and is what? But in the new era of the construction of the chain, so the high weight of the chain is indispensable.

bookmark collection is to let the search engine think this is popular, or potential users through the collection site to see other users to share, will feel valuable industry information, many high quality articles useful in the collection site has not been much attention, due to the not innovative title bookmark the webmaster more choose to use the ctrl+v read more

Share my journey to Shanghai Longfeng enterprises should be how to do the chain a

effect is good, have been very satisfied! To share with you today is some sites outside the chain of skills, in fact, not to mention what skills are summed up through their pro combat experience.

in the "new on-line 35 days ranked Shanghai home experience love" by encourages me a lot, which also increased the confidence I contribute to the A5, in the text comments have good and bad mixed, but no matter how here to thank you for encouraging me, after all I was novice, if there is no accurate place also please point out. Because do not understand why so many people are coming back from the A5 submission, submission after the success, I truly understand, many of the original site is specifically for the acquisition of A5, we can see the collection: read more

Five aspects of the new site selection should pay attention to the key words


many newcomers in the new site when love with the name of the company to do a website, but if people do not deliberately in the circumstances, is to do search keywords with your company name will not. >

three, search, competition small keywords

not too hot, nor too special, not too short to have targeted. For example, a web site keywords "Hainan tour group", because he is the main site for people to go to Hainan tourism, so in order to prevent overheating is also afraid of keywords, not targeted, you should choose the "Hainan tourism group", instead of "Hainan tourism" and "tourism group". read more

Don’t let your Shanghai Longfeng discount content and service is very important

: why should the user search from the search, to find the content they need. Since users are actively looking for, then we will provide this service. So, users find products is the core, and the user to get your website channel, your product or price etc. These are external factors, these factors together affect the sales of the product. But the core is the product itself. From a macro point of view, the product itself is far greater than the promotion itself, we should also be proportional to the input energy. read more

Analysis of the influence of the whole process of modification of the title included love Shanghai

spiders crawl and crawl is very normal, but why not update included? This is caused by the effect of modification of the title. Now have to wait longer for the examination, so if we really need to change the site title, then how to do? Love Shanghai currently on the new assessment period within 2 months (according to my observation.

In fact,

many novice webmaster at the beginning of the establishment of the time there is no detailed consideration to the use of the site title, is often in a hurry on the line, in fact, this situation is not good, because in the process of optimization of the late when you find the title is not very suitable could not help modify the site title, this is a new station built in the early a particularly bad situation, of course, you may say after optimization and later how to know the title is not perfect? Here I can tell you is not the title of a web site can be 100% perfect, but the imperfect title we can have other solutions. read more

Alexa ranked 5000 in the web site is to be punished

This year the



the site began operating in 2008, with about two years, Alexa ranking to 5000, is a small business website, the distribution of the site personnel: a network coding technology, kept at about 5-10. The web site in the search engine’s performance is very good, there are hundreds of original, pseudo original articles published every day. In 2011 January, the author also inspected the Shanghai station in love and collection of the chain, the chain is 600 thousand, included not remember, is about 300 thousand (some data error, not much difference about it). A few days ago, the website is reduced to 0, the chain continues to drop to about 30 thousand. Today, the further deterioration of the situation, look at the picture: read more

Between enterprise website network investment industry website and the website of Shanghai dragon


many people think that the enterprise network publicity should be to build a website, all kinds of products listed above, but business is not to the end customer sales, corporate customers are actually distribution agents, so our business activities on the web is to recruit network business, products are only in order to improve the success rate of investment.

At present the enterprise

that other enterprises how to network investment? Try to make the intention of customers with us one by one, the success rate is greatly increased. read more

Why is the old site of the collected articles than the original to railway station

station?First, the old

we all know whether a person is good. It is very difficult to judge in the first time. But this time if there is a peripheral understanding or did not know his people to comment on him, we can probably determine whether he is good. The site also is so, an original view of the article you published is correct, very many aspects need others to judge.

second, the old site value added more perfect

I give you now talk about why the old site collection will be even better than the original read more

The text link is not valid outside the chain

well, and the three commonly used anchor text of the chain platform, we talk about the feasibility of the three platforms, the chain is in need of an extensive, what is widespread, my understanding is very simple, is the source of the chain is more and more natural. If you are outside of the chain is on the blog, link anchor text to do too much, you estimate by K station is not far away. Therefore, I think, all made the chain anchor text is obviously unrealistic and unworkable

2, if the text link is not valid outside the chain, then the following doubts I have read more

The high quality of the chain is made out of the

Even if

give you some, I think we should know how to make a high quality the chain! As the saying goes: "wine is not afraid of deep alley, so the first thing we need to do is have a content, the second is the publicity out of our content, like every time I site in Adsense nets through it, I will go to some of the QQ group promotion, let them see my articles, let them help me to the top of my article, to reply to my article, let them share a lot of my article, so that a high quality articles do not come out. read more