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Qatari revenge in Berlin

germany handballQatar handball After a “small disaster” in Leipzig two days ago, Asian champions from Qatar made a brilliant com-back in Berlin, where sold-out Max Schmelling Arena with 8.500 fans wasn’t place of happiness for Dagur Sigurdsson and his boys. At the end, Valero Rivera team won 26:24 (14:11)…Germany – Qatar 24:26 (11:14)Germany : Lichtlein, Wolff, Heinevetter; Gensheimer (4/2), Sellin (3/2), Lemke, Wiede (2), Strobel, Groetzki (3), Müller (3), Pevnov (1), Dahmke (3), Kühn (3), Späth, Ernst (1), Pieczkowski, Drux (1)Qatar : Stojanovic, Magdi; Markovic (8/4), Bagaric (1), Roine (2), Capote (5), Lopez, Murad (3), Memisevic, Vidal, Mallash (5), Tomic, Sami, Benali (1), Venic, Hassaballa (1) ← Previous Story Wisla beat Kielce in Polish “Holy War” Next Story → Season is over for Kai Hafner read more

Column I wrote a book about terminal cancer Then I was told

first_imgWhen Mary McCarthy began to write about a character in her book who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she never imagined a few years later she would find herself in the same circumstances. She writes: I STARTED MY book, After the Rain, eight years ago. It was a story about a woman with terminal cancer and how she and her family had to learn to deal with it. This March I was diagnosed with it myself.So is this a case of life imitating art or what? My story is very different from my heroine, Emer’s experience, although the prognosis is the same.For all of 2011 I suffered acute pain with a trapped sciatic nerve. Excruciating. I tried all the usual remedies including physio, acupuncture, heat wraps and I was stooped over as that helped to release the nerve. I went as far as buying a walker so I could walk the dog in the park — I moved quickly and resembled Quasimodo on speed. Eventually  I agreed to back  surgery which was due to happen in January. Two weeks before the operation the pain disappeared and I was walking perfectly. A miracle. The surgery was cancelled and in March at a follow-up visit with the surgeon, he suggested I should take up Pilates to strengthen my core muscles. Grand idea, until I got a nagging pain in my right rib and I became a bit breathless so I went for a chest X-ray.DiagnosisThe results came in – lung full of fluid – so I had a bag for for five days’ draining which I referred to as my Louis Vuitton bag. My case was serious – the fluid contained secondary cancer cells.That’s it, I said to my oncologist and he wondered how I knew. My brother, Niall, had died eleven years previously and another brother, Declan, had died from lung cancer two years before.I asked him how long I had. He knew I wanted to hear the truth and told me I had 18 to 24 months, maybe longer.“At least I won’t get Alzheimers,” I concluded cheerfully. I think he thought I was a nutcase due to my calm reaction to the news that I was going to die. When the doctors said I would experience a range of emotions, I said I knew already, as I’d written all about it. I told the doctor about my novel and he was astounded.They then had to find my primary cancer. After loads of tests, nothing was found. Cancer with no tumour – but apparently this happens to one in 20 people. So much for being healthy I thought. I’d quit smoking, I had just got my gold card from Weight Watchers and had given up the booze for Lent. I’m undergoing chemotherapy which is not for the faint-hearted. I have bad days and good days.Family and friendsMy friends are remarkable. I cannot put into words the support I am getting from them and my family. My son Dara is devastated. He lives in Rome, but is coming back to live with me. I told him my only regret was not having a grandchild to which he responded: “I didn’t know there was a rush on.” Neither did I!I’m not actually dying at the moment, but I will die from this. How do I feel about dying? I suppose I’ll be scared at the time but I’ll probably be so sick by then I won’t care. I’ll insist on as much morphine as possible —I’m such a wimp the dentist has to sedate me! While I don’t believe in an afterlife, I’m keeping my options open, just in case. If there is another world I’d love to meet my idol, George Harrison.My worries are any mother’s worries. Will my son be okay? Will he be able to live in our lovely home when I’m gone? The gas bill is astronomical! My dog Bennie will miss me like hell because he is my shadow. I take every day as it comes. I want no pity, sympathy or platitudes.I have had a nice life. I loved my teaching job for 34 years and took early retirement five years ago. I truly loved writing my books. I have seen the places I wanted to see and I have extraordinary people around me. I’ve managed to retain my sense of humour, thankfully. There really is a funny side to everything. To my delight, I have my fifth book published. Things could be a lot worse! Or as Emer in the novel says: things always seem better after the rain.After the Rain is published by Poolbeg and is out now priced at €9.99last_img read more

Hilary Mantel wins Booker Prize for second time

first_imgHILARY MANTEL HAS won the Man Booker Prize for the second time, becoming only the third author to do so.She beat off competition from five other authors, including hotly-tipped Will Self, to win the £50,000 (€62,000) prize for her book Bring Up the Bodies, which charts the life of Thomas Cromwell.Only Peter Carey and JM Coetzee have won the prize twice. However Mantel becomes the first person to win with a sequel and has the shortest interlude between wins, having won in 2009 for Wolf Hall.Upon being presented with the award tonight, she told the audience: “You wait 20 years for a Man Booker Prize and two come at once”.Mantel was the only nominee on the shortlist who had ever won the prize before. The other nominees were Deborah Levy for her book Swimming Home, Alison Moore for The Lighthouse, Will Self for Umbrella, Jeet Thayil for Narcopolis and Tan Twan Eng for The Garden of Evening Mists.Mantel can expect to see increased sales as well as the £50,000 cheque. Last year’s winner, The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes, went on to sell more than 250,000 copies in the UK.Read: So what happens if you Google Twink’s autobiography? (NSFW, maybe) >last_img read more

Key prosecution witness tells court attack on Irish student lasted less than

first_imgTHE TRIAL IN Chicago of a 34-year-old man accused of the attempted murder of an Irish student in the Bucktown area of the city three years ago has heard the entire attack lasted just three minutes.Natasha McShane, from Silverbridge in Armagh, has been left with extensive brain injures and speech problems as a result of the assault, and still needs help walking.Heriberto Viramontes is on trial in the US city charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery and armed robbery in connection with the baseball bat attack on Natasha and her friend Stacey Jurich in April 2010.The court heard yesterday from prosecution witness Marcy Cruz, who says she was with the alleged attacker on the night in question.Cruz, who has pleaded guilty to her part in the attack, testified against the accused as part of a plea deal. According to Chicago Sun Times, Cruz said Viramontes parked her minivan in the Bucktown area of the city and left the vehicle carrying a baseball bat, telling her he didn’t want her to be involved in what he was about to do.She said he was gone just long enough for one song to play on the radio, and that he returned carrying two purses, jumping through the rear sliding door and telling Cruz to drive off.Cruz told the court that they later stopped in an alleyway to divvy up the credit cards and other contents of the purses.She told the court that Viramontes had said the girls were “really pretty” and that he had done some “bogus sh**”.According to the Chicago Tribune, Cruz admitted she lied to authorities at first. Questioned by Viramontes’ attorney, Chandra Smith, she said she had initially claimed to have bought the two purses from a man named ‘Jamaica’ for $80. She said Viramontes had told her to lie.Viramontes’ lawyers claim he is an innocent man, and that the evidence linking him to the crimes is circumstantial.Last week, jurors in the trial were shown video evidence of Natasha, who’s now 27, struggling through physical therapy and having difficulty carrying out basic everyday tasks.Her mother Sheila told the court that her daughter, who had been studying at the University of Illinois, “doesn’t speak or walk on her own”.Read: Medical team pulled a stone from the back of Natasha McShane’s throat >Read: Friend of Irish student tells Chicago court of savage attack>last_img read more

Quinn says CRC board should resign Burton says salary claims are disturbing

first_imgUpdated 23.06pmEDUCATION MINISTER RUAIRÍ Quinn has called on the board members of the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) to resign in the wake of revelations that some senior executives salaries were topped up through charitable donations made to the clinic.His Labour colleague, Social Protection Minister Joan Burton has described the claims as “extremely disturbing” and said that the CRC needed to clarify its position in relation to fundraising.“I am sure there is a huge amount of concern about the revelations, because charitable donations are not meant to fund lavish salaries, way in excess of what the Taoiseach of the country is earning,” she said at the Labour conference in Killarney tonight.Earlier, Quinn told RTÉs Drivetime that disclosures of charitable funds being used for top-ups at a time when the CRC has been cutting services for children and adults with physical disabilities are “utterly unacceptable”.He added:Everyone in the public sector has had reductions of pay, and certainly there’s been a pay cap that voluntary organisations that receive substantial money from the taxpayer through the relevant government departments are not an exception to that rule.He said that Ministers Brendan Howlin and Michael Noonan have made that “very clear”, adding that if the board refused to step down and payments of this kind continued, then there would be “consequential actions”.Burton said that issues needed to be clarified and added: “I think they need to produce full accounting details and records and information in relation to it and where it’s inappropriate I would certainly hope to see them change or modify that.”The ministers’ comments come just a day after Shane Ross TD called for the board’s resignation, stating they used the funds to “line the pockets of its top earners”.Finian McGrath, whose constituency the CRC is in, told RTE’s Six One News that he was “appalled” and “gutted” adding: “We need a clean out of the board and directors”. He said a fresh start is needed for the CRC if it is going to be saved from the negative publicity.- additional reporting Hugh O’Connell Read: Can abuse of salary top-ups be avoided? ‘With great difficulty,’ says HowlinRead: Public Accounts Committee chair calls for CRC to “come clean” on top-upslast_img read more

Column We can be the healthy masculinity we wish to see

first_imgDURING MY SHOWS I will often ask the audience: Raise your hand if you’re a teacher.After only a few hands go up, I ask: Why isn’t everyone’s hand raised?The most important teachers in life have no idea they are teaching – the jerk at the bus stop catcalling a passing woman, the guy at the soccer game loudly cursing out a referee, or my friend’s dad who told me in kindergarten to stop crying. We learn by watching others. As kids especially, anyone we encounter becomes a teacher. They show us what is appropriate, allowed, and, even, expected. It through those actions that culture is either reinforced or eschewed.This is why I believe that toxic masculinity is most powerfully affirmed or challenged by the way we live our lives. Each behaviour we choose communicates to everyone around us the culture we subscribe to. What are your actions communicating?When you are angry and tired, do you become abusive? And I don’t just mean physically, I mean with words or the power you have (of body or otherwise)? Just because you can, do you intimidate others to get what you want? Do you accept it as a given that your gender gives you greater value or purpose?I wanted to be the alpha male at all costsFor much of my life, I was a banner of toxic masculinity. I was emotionally shut down, ready to fight, and trying to hook up with as many women as possible. I wanted to be the alpha male at all costs. I wanted to win. That’s what I believed – what many of us are taught as boys – that being the dominant male means you “win.” Then I realised what I’d become: I was unfulfilled, aimless, and depressed. I wanted to share who I was with the world, but I was dying inside, quietly and alone.That’s when poetry saved my life. It gave me a venue to express everything that had been forbidden to me. It connected me with men who didn’t strive to be the toughest guy. They gave me permission to embrace my full range of humanness – something that, especially at that point in my life, I had never known was possible. Most important of all, this new cultural space introduced me to men that were living and breathing challenges to the machismo and toxic masculinity that I had been inundated by my entire life. Just watching these men so unapologetically defy the status quo gave me permission and room to write my own narrative of masculinity.Sometimes it was just the small or seemingly silly actions that emboldened me: seeing a young male poet with eyeliner or painted nails. Other times it was their raw poems that explored intense vulnerability, grief, confusion, and weakness. I would sit there with my jaw on the floor thinking, Is this dude allowed to do this?And, of course, he was.  We are allowed to do whatever we give ourselves permission to do.  Unfortunately though, the “guy code” and gendered laws that so many of us men learn through osmosis and watching other men around us has created a narrow and stifling idea of what we are even capable of doing.  Much less allowed to do.Showing all of who I amYears ago, I remember sitting and talking with my best friend – now one of the most emotionally literate and open human beings I have ever met – who at the time told me he wasn’t able to cry.  He wanted to, he would try to, but no tears would come. The learning is so profound that it actually impedes the inherent physiology of our bodies! Not able to cry? How is that possible? He is just one example though of many men I have spoken to who struggle with something similar.We will only free each other, as Gandhi once said, by being the change we wish to see. Which is to say, we need to be real-life examples of the kind of masculinity we wish to see in the world. We need to be walking billboards of what we have chosen to unlearn, who we truly are and what we want to teach the next generation of men.During my performances I unapologetically show all of who I am – the silliness, the vulnerability, sarcasm, tears, goofy laughter, insecurity, fear, the full scope of my well-intentioned, conflicted heart that has guided me through it all. I watch men sit rigid and sometimes stunned in their chairs. Then, frequently, I watch tears and laughter and compassion and tenderness mirrored in their faces. As my great director Tamilla Woodard once said:You can only expect your audience to be as brave, open, and alive as you are.We can only expect the men and boys around us to live as fully, beautifully, authentically – as humanly – as we do.Carlos Andrés Gómez is an award-winning writer and performer from New York City. He is the author of the book Man Up: Reimagining Modern Manhood, released by Gotham Books, an imprint of Penguin. He has appeared on NPR, MSNBC, HBO’s “Def Poetry,” and in Spike Lee’s “Inside Man.” Carlos will appear, in a European exclusive, at axis:Ballymun on 13 & 14 December www.axis-ballymun.ie Follow him on Twitter @CarlosAGLive or visit his website: www.CarlosLive.comRead: Increase in number of male suicide as rising unemployment linked to mental health problemsRead: RTE presenter John Murray talks frankly about his depressionlast_img read more

Get out go home Report details racism on Irish streets

first_imgI am a black British woman. I was walking home in the afternoon when a car slowed down and a man started to shout violently, “Get out, go home!”  One of them pushed half of his body out of the window and continued to shout at me. I was afraid. I started to pray. It was pouring with rain and there was nobody around. It was like a dreamThe full text of the report is available at: www.enarireland.org.Read: Racist incidents up by 85 per cent in 2013 — Immigrant Council>Read: Shatter condemns hate mail sent to Muslim Community, says gardaí will take “appropriate action”> A NEW REPORT lays bare the racism experienced by people in Ireland.The first quarterly report, from iReport.ie and ENAR Ireland, suggests that garda recruits should include ethnic minorities.It says that two thirds of victims who reported to iReport.ie won’t report an incident to Gardaí due to a lack of confidence.The report covers the period from 11 July 2013 to 30 September 2013 and shows that 97 incidents were reported to the iReport system during this time, with 11 reported through another organisation.The most common forms of racist incident reported in these incidents are shouting verbal abuse and harassment. There were also significant numbers of physical assaults recorded.Incidents occurred more frequently during the day, as this graph shows: The report also shows:Black Africans are the most likely to be victims of public racism.Most perpetrators are male.Men are most likely to suffer violent attacks.Men and women suffer different patterns of racism.Disability, gender and sexual identity also have impactsMuslim women are targeted because of their veils.Assaults are most likely to be carried out on single individuals by groupsNearly half of reports are made by witnesses or third parties.A number of reports of spitting were made.Racist incidents are have wider impacts on  individuals, on relationships and on wider society.A number of incidents of secondary victimisation were recorded.Over 10 per cent of reported incidents were directed at Travellers.“The fact that people are willing to report to us shows that there is a willingness for people to do something about racism” said Shane O’Curry, Director of ENAR Ireland, and one of the authors of the report. However, he noted that their findings also show that there have been failings in An Garda Síochana’s capacity to follow-up.“This may explain people’s reluctance to report to the guards,” said O’Curry.In this context, the announcement by Minister Shatter that An Garda Síochana is recruiting 300 new members presents an ideal opportunity to address one aspect of Garda-minority relations. If 100 of those new recruits were from Traveller, Muslim, Black, Asian, Roma and other minority backgrounds, then we would be on the road to having a police force that reflects the diversity in wider society. This would be a starting point to making all communities feel safe.Racism reportsSince its launch on July 11th this year, iReport.ie has logged more than one incident per day.An Asian male reported having had water thrown at him and being racially abused at midday while walking to work. A witness reported seeing a Bangladeshi man attacked by a group of white Irish men who smashed a cake on him at 9.30pm in South Dublin.A man told ENAR:My neighbour would not let my children play outside, she said they are black and have no business being here. She calls my 12 years old daughter a fat black bitch. She threatens to bring her family to come trash my house and set it on fire, so I am doing everything humanly possible to avoid them. We sleep with one eye open not knowing if the house will be set on fire while we are asleep as she threatens.  They say we don’t deserve to live here. We feel helpless, frustrated, abused and violated, even in our own homeA woman called Mary told them:last_img read more

Eyes down Its TheJournalie Big Fat Quiz of the Year Part I

first_img [Photocall]1. “Yes, standard orbit captain, and we’re detecting signs of life on the surface”. Commander Chris Hadfield sent this message from space via Twitter. But who was he talking to?2. “A businessman and friend”. That’s how Vladimir Putin described this well-known Frenchman before granting him Russian citizenship. Who are we talking about?3. “100 per cent” of prison inmates thought he shouldn’t have been behind bars, according to this Irish businessman who spent some time in jail. Who?4. “Collusion at senior levels” took place in the misappropriation of €4 million in Irish aid by which nation? The cash was handed back in January.5. Villagers “exploded with joy” as children received a kilo of candy each to mark the birthday of which Asian head of state?6. “President Obama has officially decided I am NOT being deported”. Which TV interviewer said this on Twitter, after some Americans took issue with his comments on gun control?7. “Under no circumstances will I step down”. Which ex-Labour TD said this about his elected role within the party.8. Regularly asked “what you talkin’ about” over the eight-year run of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’, one of the most popular US sitcoms of the 70s and 80s, actor Conrad Baines died in January, aged 89. What character did he portray in the show?9. “He paid for the course entirely out of his own resources and no public funding at all was involved”: The Irish Mail apologised to which Irish ex-politician, after publishing pictures of him attending Stanford University.10. The White House officially rejected a petition to build a real-life version of which fictional space station because of a “fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship”?FEBRUARY1. Picture clue! Pictured above are members of the Norwegian Army, engaging in an internet dance craze that swept the world back in February. What was it called?2. Two RTÉ current affairs veterans joined forces for the new line up of Prime Time, alongside younger anchor Claire Byrne. Their names please.3. Michael D. Higgins had to cut short a visit to Italy to sign emergency legislation, approved after a dramatic overnight Dáil sitting. What was the aim of the Bill?4. “Wud climb back in window but drainpipe broken”. Which high-profile TD and social media aficionado got locked out of his home and live tweeted the entire  ordeal?5. Which practice was formally outlawed in Mississippi — 150 years after it was abolished in the rest of the US?6. There was a daring €37 million heist at Brussels Airport. Of what?7. He starred in the Good Life, and had a role opposite Robert De Niro in Kenneth Brannagh’s Frankenstein, and he died aged 79 in February. Who was he?8. Enda Kenny issued a formal State apology. To whom?9. Which political party announced legislation aimed at creating a new national holiday on the anniversary of the Easter Rising, to be called ‘Lá na Poblachta’.10. Which former muse of Woody Allen Tweeted that “you can tell who’s doing coke” during the Oscars?MARCH1. 2013 was a big year for both Morrissey and Robbie Keane [pictured above] with the singer releasing his much anticipated autobiography and the Republic Of Ireland striker (amongst other achievements) making this child’s day on the Late Late Toy Show. News also emerged of a bizarre connection between the two. What is it?2. President Higgins said he was “very sorry” hear of this world leader’s death aged 58, while Eamon Gilmore said he had been “an important figure on the world stage”. Who?3. “The five of us are determined to be back on air together as soon as possible” read their statement after the broadcast team formerly known as ‘Off the Ball’ left Newstalk. They now trade under a different name. What is it?4. Keith O’Brien admitted after stepping down from his role in the Catholic Church that his sexual conduct had “fallen below the standards expected of me”. What was the position he resigned from?5. Which Irish politician displayed a unique interpretation of the social media term ‘fraping’ in an Oireachtas commitee meeting?6. Which outspoken TD effectively blew the whistle on himself and revealed in the Dáil that he had had penalty points quashed on two separate occasions?7. Who won the Meath East by-election?8. Fans of ‘Withnail & I’ knew him as ‘Uncle Monty’. This well-loved British actor died in March, aged 65. His name, please?9. Youth advice website Spunout.ie was forced to defend itself from criticism from Fine Gael’s Michelle Mulherin over an article on which sexual practice?10. “The greatest guitarist in the history of sound,” is how Slash was described when introduced on stage in Dublin by which US actor said to draw his power from the blood of tigers.APRIL1. “Did you throw it away right afterwards or did you wait until you got back to the hotel?”: Graham Norton’s question to Tom Cruise, after the movie star was presented with which honour by Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore during a promotional visit to Dublin?2. Releasing a statement, saying she no longer wanted to support a Government that is “actually hurting people,” which Labour MEP confirmed she was leaving the parliamentary party?3. “Her role in international affairs was equally belligerent whether in support of the Chilean dictator Pinochet, her opposition to sanctions against apartheid South Africa; and her support for the Khmer Rouge.” Who was Gerry Adams talking about?4. Announcing he would be waiving a €100,000 bonus, and citing plans to return home to London to pursue other interests, this man announced he would be stepping down from his role as Irish Financial Regulator. His name…5. Actor Wesley Snipes was released from prison in the US after serving a three year sentence. What for?6. Several animal artefacts were stolen from the National Museum Archive in Swords, Co. Dublin. What were they?7. “The costs are not small but, given the level of public interest and the international significance, are justifiable,” RTÉ head of news Kevin Pankhurst was speaking about the broadcaster’s €167,000 spend on coverage of which international event?8. A surprising twist: In the wake of the horse-meat scandal, Ikea pulled its moose lasagne from the the shelves after it was found to contain traces of which meat?9. Famous for his trademark phrase “two thumbs up,” this renowned American film critic and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist passed away in April. His name, please…10. It was announced that Jay Leno is to leave US TV institution The Tonight Show (again). Which former Saturday Night Live star, known for his inability to keep a straight face alongside Will Ferrell, is to take over as host in February?MAY1. A German current affairs TV crew arrived in rural Kerry to interview the gentleman pictured above for a segment about drink driving. Who is he?2. His take on Europe’s austerity policies in a newspaper interview led to criticism from some quarters that this Irish office-holder had overstepped the remit of his role. Who are we talking about?3. Thin Lizzy fans in Dublin and around the world were said to be ‘outraged’. Why?4. Boston Cardinal Seán O’Malley refused to attend an event in the city due to the planned presence of which Irish politician?5. He gained worldwide media attention during Hurricane Sandy, and in May this  portly US Republican politician revealed he had undergone gastric band surgery? His name, please…6. A row erupted between Alan Shatter and Independent TD Mick Wallace over a comment made by the Justice Minister when the two appeared on Prime Time. What was the issue?7. A Fine Gael TD’s assistant was accused of taking a bizarre course of action to protect his boss from negative publicity. What was he said to have done?8. Alex Ferguson’s resignation as Manchester United manager made headlines worldwide. How many years was he in charge at Old Trafford?9. Founding member and keyboardist of The Doors and the man responsible for the immortal organ solo on ‘Light My Fire’, this musician died on 20 May aged 74…10. This Cork radio personality, who last made the headlines over an incident on board an airplane, was criticised over a scripted on-air lecture criticising Irish society for, amongst other things, providing ‘medical cards to Africans while Irish children go sick’. What’s his name?JUNE BOIL THE KETTLE, rustle out the last of those Chrismas cookies, find a comfortable chair and settle down to test your 2013 news knowledge.One proviso before we begin — you’ll need to make a pact with yourself not to cheat! It’s just for fun, so if you decide to just Google everything — well, you’re only fooling yourself!We’re taking it month by month, so it may well get easier as we go along.For the moment though, we cast our minds back to a time when Lucinda Creighton was still a high-flying junior minister, and your grandmother was blissfully unaware that ‘twerking’ was a thing…Oh, and you may need a pen and paper!JANUARY [Peter Morrison/AP/Press Association Images]1. A movie about the murals in Belfast was released on Netflix on 1 June. It was produced by which Hollywood actor, better known for his comedy roles alongside the likes of Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller?2. The Editor of the Irish Examiner said the people of Limerick were “jumping to the wrong conclusion”. Why were the residents of the Treaty City upset at the newspaper?3. A Dublin-born academic was named by the White House as the new US ambassador to the UN. Her name?4. “Someone who wants to be pope does not really like themselves”. Who said this?5. Describing herself as a “wife” and “mom” as well as a “pantsuit aficionado”, this world figure joined Twitter in June. Who?6. The country marked the 25th anniversary of one of the country’s most notable sporting moments on 12 June.  What were we celebrating?7. A high-profile Fianna Fáil TD drew criticism over his comment that, in certain circumstances, the State should pay for ministers’ partners or spouses to travel with them on official overseas trips. His name, please.8. Author of the The Wasp Factory, Complicity and The Crow Road, this Scottish writer died on 9 June at the age of 59…9. He would hold an historic phone conversation with President Barack Obama later in the year, but this moderate cleric was elected as the 7th President of Iran on 15 June. His name?10. “You showcased us as a nation of pimps – prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head”: Which left-wing TD said this to the Taoiseach, in the wake of the Obama family’s visit to Ireland?Check back tomorrow for part two!Click here for the answers >last_img read more

Travel disruption as high winds continue

first_imgUpdate 13:59THE SEVERE WEATHER has affected travel plans for people all across the country today.With thousands across the country without power and telephone services, the storm has also impacted on rail services and flights with power lines and trees down and strong winds sticking around.In Dublin, Pearse St Station is closed for the day because of storm damage to the roof. Trains will be passing through the station but will not stop there.Irish Rail said all trains are running on all routes with some delays:At Dublin Airport, some flights were diverted or delayed. In a statement, the DAA said:Passengers are advised to check with their airline’s website before coming to Dublin Airport today.Aer Lingus said that a number of its flights are delayed or cancelled today and Ryanair is reporting delays on some flights but said it has no cancellations today.Irish Ferries had already cancelled their Swift sailings for today because of high winds and seas.Flights out of Shannon airport have been affected, but flights are arriving in Cork again after being diverted to Shannon late last night.Across the country, AA Roadwatch and gardaí are reporting trees and debris on roads with surface water making some roads impassable.In all cases, travellers are advised to check with their operator before departing and motorists are urged to slow down and take care on the roads.last_img read more

Taoiseach dismisses claims he makes specific deals with multinational companies

first_imgUpdated: 16:34THE TAOISEACH dismissed claims the government makes specific deals with Apple or any other multinational companies with regards to its corporation tax rate.Discussing his meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier today, Enda Kenny said that Ireland is “participating fully” in EU discussions about its corporate tax rate, and mentioned the issue to him during their meeting. He said that the country has a legally-based statutory rate of 12.5 per cent that applies to all companies.I pointed out to Cook that Ireland, as a member of the [European] Union, is participating in the OECD discussions that are taking place now about an international response in terms of clarity about the tax position. There are fifteen different sectors involving that and Ireland is participating in them all.Kenny didn’t say if it was himself or Cook who brought the subject up, but said that the Apple CEO was “exceptionally happy” with the work the Cork office has done.When asked whether this would mean further investment from the company, Kenny said that it was a matter for Apple to decide, but said that for now, the company is “very happy with the results from Cork and they want that to continue.”Cook addressed staff in the company’s Cork office this morning before he met the Taoiseach. Kenny had a tour of the plant first before meeting with Cook to discuss Apple’s presence here.The Hollyhill plant employs more than 4,000 people in the office, and was Apple’s first office outside of the US. It’s the assembly point for the MacBook Pro laptop and was previously responsible for Apple’s original iMac machine.Apple recorded another successful quarter after it announced it made a $13.1 billion profit earlier this week. The company sold 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads during this period.The Taoiseach also attended a jobs announcement in Mahon earlier this afternoon, where two Cork  companies announced the creation of 200 new jobs over the next few years.Originally published 11:17amRead: Here’s how many iPhones Apple sold to make $13.1bn profit >Read: Apple to refund parents of children who bought Apps without them knowing >last_img read more

WATCH This crash will make your stomach drop through the floor

first_imghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inn0bLF-m-wYouTube/Daniel CaviezelSO THERE YOU are, riding your dirt bike, happy as Larry.When suddenly you’re not riding your dirt bike anymore. You’re flying through the air.If this video doesn’t give that stomach-dropping-through-the-floor feeling, you are WAY too hardcore.(PS: The rider was fine.)VIDEO: This woman’s description of a hailstorm is the best ever>VIDEO: Unloading a truck… like a boss>last_img

Refund scheme for alcohol containers could reduce illegal dumping

first_imgA REFUND DEPOSIT scheme for alcohol containers would help reduce illegal rubbish dumping, a councillor has said.Labour Party councillor Thomas Redmond from Athy has called for the introduction of a refund system on alcohol containers – cans and bottles – which he said would “end the scourge of dumping”.EuropeRedmond told TheJournal.ie that he was inspired by similar schemes in place in European countries, such as Germany. People can return their bottles or cans to a specific centre or location and will receive a small amount of cash in return.Redmond said that a recent litter clean-up by locals of the river walkway in the town of Athy produced in excess of 2,000 cans and bottles. He said that following this, people approached him to see if more can be done about littering in the Kildare town.He believes a refund deposit scheme, or tax on the alcohol containers, could work to reduce this, and has received support from publicans in Athy.Redmond said that in Germany, supermarkets offer the ability deposit cans or bottles using a machine which then refunds the cash. According to Redmond, it would cost around $10,000 for each machine, and he says at least one local publican is interested in purchasing one.To introduce a refund deposit system, legislation would have to be brought in. “It wouldn’t take a lot to bring it in,” said Redmond. “The difference it would make would be substantial.”Redmond is to put forward a council motion regarding the refund scheme, and said that he hopes the council will write to the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, to propose the idea.There is no point in it being introduced [locally] – it just won’t work. It needs to be a nationwide thing and it wouldn’t take much legislation.StudyA study on a deposit and return system for bottles in Ireland was published by Repak in 2008. It said that if the Irish government did bring in such a scheme, it would have to ensure that deposit legislation and the deposit system are in line with EU rules, including the Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste.Ireland does not have widespread use of refillable items, although earlier this week, it was announced that Adare Farm is to sell its milk in glass bottles through Superquinn in Dublin. The bottles can recycled.Repak said that the legislation could be challenged by the EU authorities or other member states as a breach of EU single market rules, as it would be a barrier to trade of imported drinks.It said if a deposit is introduced, it must be clear to consumers and staff, and that it could include beer, water, carbonated soft drinks packaging. Ireland would have to choose between a simple deposit system, or a centrally managed system and would also have to decide on a price, ideally between 10 – 25cent.Read: Dublin: Council tenants to prove they are dumping rubbish illegally>last_img read more

Divers rescued after drifting three miles out to sea at Wexford

first_imgTHREE DIVERS WERE rescued off the Wexford coast this afternoon after they drifted almost three miles out to sea.The three men had been due back on their boat at around noon but the alarm was raised when they had not returned  an hour and a half after the expected time.They had been diving at the Connigmore rocks, one mile south of the Saltee Islands, which is a popular spot for diving groups.The Coast Guard helicopter, the Kilmore Quay RNLI and two local charter vessels were all alerted after the skipper of the dive boat raised the alarm.The three men were spotted by the helicopter and the lifeboat was directed to their exact location. One diver was brought on board the lifeboat using specialised equipment, while the lifeboat crew threw out a line to pull in the remaining two divers.All three were reported to be in good spirits and did not require any medical assistance.“The dive boat skipper did exactly the right thing in reporting the men overdue and happily we were able to recover them safely onto the lifeboat,” said volunteer crewmember Aidan Bates of the Kilmore Quay RNLI.“They were certainly relieved to see us coming and we were delighted to be able to bring everyone home safe.”All images of the rescue via the Irish Coast Guard/Rescue 117Read: Two men rescued from stricken yacht > Read: Missing hikers found after 10 days in New Zealand wilderness >last_img read more

ExCRC chief extremely ill unable to answer questions about €742k payoff

first_imgTHE FORMER CHIEF executive of the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC), Paul Kiely, is “extremely ill” and will be unable to attend a Public Accounts Committee hearing to answer questions over his €742,025 retirement package and other issues at the scandal-hit disability clinic.The PAC heard this morning that Kiely cannot attend hearings due to take place next Thursday.Members also raised concerns that the former chairman and former board members at the north Dublin clinic have not yet responded to requests to attend hearings next week.A report into the clinic published last week said that the CRC set up its charitable arm for the sole purpose of making sure it got as much money as possible from the HSE. This fund was used to pay salary top-ups for senior executives at the CRC.There has been pressure on Kiely to repay part of his retirement package in light of the findings of a report by administrator John Cregan.Independent TD Shane Ross said this morning it was “ominous” that former board members at Rehab had not yet indicated whether they would attend.The committee has asked former chairman Jim Nugent as well as former executives David Martin and Brian Conlan to attend. The three last appeared before PAC in December and January last year where there were numerous revelations about salaries and pay-offs at the clinic.PAC has also written to former chairman Hamilton Goulding asking him to attend and heard today that that in his reply he had confirmed it was his intention to give “a full and frank account” of his involvement.In a statement following the Cregan report last week, Goulding said he believed it “exonerates CRC of wrongdoing allegations”.Kiely last appeared before the committee in December when he said he received a lump-sum pay-off of €200,000 upon retirement in 2012 and would be getting an annual pension of €98,000.However the HSE revealed on 16 January that in fact Kiely’s package consisted of a €200,000 tax-free lump-sum and a €273,336 taxable payment with an additional €268,689 – meaning a total of €742,025 was paid out.He had indicated that he would attend further hearings but committee clerk Ted McEnery informed TDs today that he had been told by Kiely’s solicitor that he is “extremely ill and is not in a position to attend”.“I think we should accept that,” committee chairman John McGuinness said.The PAC is due to discuss the CRC controversy at its meeting next Thursday morning with HSE officials and Cregan due to attend.Read: Former CRC chief rejects that any fundraised money was kept secretRead: The report into the CRC says it only set up its side charity to get more money from the HSElast_img read more

100 AIDS experts were killed in the Ukraine plane crash

first_imgAS MANY AS 100 of those killed on a Malaysia Airlines plane that went down in Ukraine were delegates on their way to a global AIDS conference in Australia.The Australian broadsheet and the Sydney Morning Herald both said that more than one-third of the nearly 300 who died were AIDS researchers, health workers and activists en route to Melbourne.The Herald said those attending a pre-conference meeting in Sydney were told that around 100 of their colleagues were on the plane that went down, including former International AIDS Society president Joep Lange.The Australian reported that delegates to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, which is due to begin on Sunday, were to be informed that 108 of their colleagues and family members died on MH17.The International AIDS Society has confirmed that “a number of our colleagues and friends” were killed, but has not said how many.Asked by reporters whether 108 people attending the conference were on the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, International AIDS Society president Francoise Barre-Sinoussi said she was not sure.“We don’t have the confirmation (of numbers),” she said. We don’t know how many were on that flight.Organisers of the conference in Melbourne said it would go ahead regardless. Barre-Sinoussi said:The decision to go on, we were thinking about them because we know it’s really what they would have liked us to do.Meanwhile, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the OSCE, has called a for a crisis meeting to discuss the crash.The Vienna-based body has been monitoring the security situation in eastern Ukraine for months.A special Permanent Council meeting is taking place at 11:30am irish time.- © AFP, 2014Read: In pictures: The MH17 crash site>Read: Ukraine and Russia blame each other for shooting down of plane>last_img read more

Imagine that Star Treks Spock finds things Fascinating

first_imgWith the original Star Trek Series celebrating its 45th Anniversary this year, it is fun to take a look back at one of the longest running science-fiction show of all time and examine some of the things that made the series fun. Whether it was William Shatner and his borderline over-acting as James T. Kirk or DeForest Kelley’s portrayal of the cynical “Bones” McCoy, let us not forget that there was also the famous one-liner’s from Leonard Nimoy as Spock.Sure other science-fiction series like Stargate tried to also capitalize on similar one-liner’s like Teal’c and his overuse of the word “indeed.” But we have to look back at the original Star Trek series and Mr. Spock to see how it was originally done. You might say the whole premise is quite “illogical,” but it is possible you may find the following video actually, “fascinating.”Read more at YouTube, via Neatorama.last_img read more

Awesome LED Table Can Be Whatever You Want

first_imgA company called Nkcharms has begun taking orders for this super stylish table that incorporates 1700 LED lights to turn the display into anything you want.One sample style is the tree seen above, but it could obviously be custom created for any design you want. So in case you were worried that you weren’t using enough electricity as it is, this may be the perfect solution for you.The man who created the tree design, Dennis Veut, explained in a statement, “The tree becomes wood becomes light, a metaphor for the circle of life itself.” Deep stuff… We don’t really get it, though. But we do think the table is pretty darn cool.Via Tom’s GuideAdChoices广告last_img read more

FBI and Trend Micro orchestrate biggest cybercrime takedown ever

first_imgRove Digital CEO Vladimir TsatsinThe FBI has been taking a much more visible role in the war on cybercrime this year. Back in June, the Bureau announced its success in shutting down two massive malware rings that resulted in multiple arrests. Now, they’ve helped rid the world of a 4,000,000-bot strong criminal network.As far back as 2008, it was common knowledge in the cybersecurity business that Esthost — the creation of an Estonian company called Rove Digital — served a clientele that was largely criminal in nature.  What the FBI, Trend, and other security companies didn’t know, however, was that Rove Digital was perpetrating cybercrimes of its own on a massive scale.With those four million bots managed by more than 100 command and control servers, Esthost admins had plenty of cash-generating power at their disposal. Through poisoned DNS settings, infected computers were directed to malicious domains and served fake antivirus applications galore. If you do a quick search for Rove Digital, you’ll find its name plastered all over numerous questionable software titles.Now that the details have surfaced, it’s almost maddening that it took so long for the botnet to be shut down. Trend Micro claims to have known who was behind the botnet’s activity since 2006, but that’s the nature of the beast when it comes to complex criminal investigations. Trend reports that the criminals behind the Esthost network were perpetrating crimes ranging from fraud to selling “questionable” pharmaceuticals — as well as other cybercrimes they refused to discuss in the blog post.If this had been a comparatively minor operation — which was, say, only hijacking browsers and facilitating click fraud — it probably wouldn’t have taken so long. But Esthost and Rove were obviously doing some very bad things, and authorities needed to ensure that the crew members arrested in Estonia this week go away for a long, long time.More at Trend Microlast_img read more

Intel wants to launch TV service using settop box with facial recognition

first_imgIntel continues to dominate the chip market for computers, but the company is also attempting to see off its rival ARM in other markets. As well as developing low power chips for use in smartphones and tablets, it has been revealed Intel is attempting to get into the TV media business.Intel has secretly been developing a new set-top box alongside a subscription TV service that would see it take on the major cable TV services as well as Google and Apple vying for a place under our televisions. The key feature that Intel believes will make its set-top box attractive to everyone  is its inclusion of facial recognition technology.Facial recognition would allow both the gender and the age of the people viewing a TV to be detected at any given moment. In turn, the advertisements shown would be chosen to cater for the audience on a per set basis, meaning ad targeting performance that’s off the scale. Better targeted advertising means higher ad revenue therefore offsetting the cost of licensing the programs people want to watch.If Intel can get media partners on board, it potentially puts the company in a very strong position going forward. More ad revenue means more content, and therefore a desirable service for consumers. In return Intel gets its tech installed in homes around the U.S. and potentially other countries depending on how successful the venture is.Consumers may take issue with the fact they are being monitored by the box, but the facial recognition will be limited to detecting just age and gender. The end result may actually be more desirable for viewers as there’s much less chance you’ll view adverts of no interest. It may also limit how many times you see the same advert.Read more at Reuterslast_img read more